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Best Budgeting Apps

The best way to curb my spending has been using a budget. I have tried the jar/envelope system in the past and it worked well for me but there’s an app for everything so why not apply my favourite technology for my everyday expenses too? Save money, or save myself from spending money, it’s all the same to me. Here are a few of the apps I recommend (my only credential to back that up is my budgeting experience) for iPhone or Android.
This app is the modern version of the envelope system which has worked for countless others, including myself. GoodBudget uses cloud-syncing to keep your budget up to date and is perfect for regular, busy, daily life! You can use this app for free or use the paid “Plus” option for just $5/month or $45/year.
Mint is more than just a budgeting app. It’s super smart and is personalized just for you with tips for reducing fees and saving money. It’s secure so you don’t have to worry about providing sensitive data, and best of all it’s Free!
What I love most about the Wally app is you can take photos of receipts to log your expenses. Mind blow! It’s a great tracker for personal expenses that adapts to your habits and it will even notify you when bills are due. Wally is my friend.
Try out these apps and find out which one is best for you. There are loads of other apps out there so branch out and find out what suits you best. If you’re a huge fan of technology then check these Apps to Save You Money and save up for that special (insert savings goal here) you’ve been dreaming of.