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Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

There are many things I can do to reduce my monthly expenses. We’ve downsized our cell phone plans, cancelled our cable package (because Netflix) and have even discussed getting rid of our land line. There are many things we can all do to spend less and save more, but we gotta eat! Lower your grocery bill with these tips and tricks to help you save money without skimping on fresh foods.



While I consider myself pretty savvy, and have heard a lot about eating local, I never thought of how much money I can save by shopping at the local farmers market. Now that I have started looking for deals on food that is available closer to home (less shipping costs etc…) , I can’t believe how much money I’ve saved! When I’m not at the market I always check the labels to see where items have been produced. You can find a list of farmers markets by province HERE.




Knowing when foods are in season helps me pay attention to when foods are at their lowest prices. Buying at the farmers market and choosing food when it is most abundant is a great way to stretch my grocery dollars to the max. Find out when food is in season in your region with THIS great guide.




Those pesky flyers are more than just packing paper and liners for your green bin. I started making a habit of checking them while I drink my morning coffee and save a lot of time by knowing where to buy items at their best price. I keep a list of which items I need at the different shops and have become a pro at coordinating my shopping accordingly. I don’t go out of my way and run all over town to do my groceries, but I do pop in and grab what I need when I am close by.




I personally hate couponing but it is one of the easiest ways to save. Now that there are coupon apps such as Shopular and Coupon Sherpa and I always have my phone with me anyway, it’s not nearly as unattractive to me. I do love saving money and this is a great way to do that so I need to just get with the program already! You can also find great coupons on our site HERE.




Take advantage of great deals when you buy large quantities of fresh produce. Freeze, can, or make up large recipes to freeze and you’ll stretch your dollars further than you thought possible. Never turn down produce from your friends’ gardens and don’t fret about having more than you need. Make a habit of making larger meals regularly and you’ll be extra glad on hot and lazy days when you don’t feel like whipping something up.


Stay tuned for even more tips and tricks to stretch your dollars with WomenFreebies. We also have some food inspiration for you with these tasty recipes below!

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