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The “Every Woman Giveaway” FAQ

✿ What’s a Flower? Where do I find a Flower? What do I do when I find a Flower? ✿

The “Flower” we are talking about is an image that will appear on your screen. They are being hidden on every page on our site. When you see one (they are on EVERY page so you will see them), click on it and it will let you know if you have a winner (there will be a form for you to fill out) or if you need to keep looking (there will be a sorry message). When you get a winning Flower you need to fill in your contact information. This is what we use to send the winners their prizes. We do not email winners for this type of giveaway – there are just too many! DO NOT fill out your form more than once. Duplicate entries will be void. Your prize will be mailed out within 25 business days to the address you provide. Share the news that you won a prize during The “Every Woman Giveaway” with your friends and followers using the social buttons!

✿ I can’t see any Flowers? ✿

Try closing some of your windows, most likely you have too many open! Some pop-up blockers have been known to prevent them from appearing too.

A. Enable Javascript in your browser. Here’s a link I found that explains how

B. Enable cookies in your browser. Here’s a link that explains how.

✿ Why is it no longer opening in a new tab when I click on a Flower? ✿

We had to change that because too many people were opening too many tabs and it was causing the Flowers to load really slowly. If you click on the sorry message you will get redirected to a new page where you can look for the next Flower to appear. Don’t stay on the same page and click the same Flower over and over (it’s not as fun that way). You can stay on a page and refresh, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this it gets a little boring and this is meant to be a fun way to explore out site!

✿ How many Flowers are you hiding? How many Flowers are left today? When will you be adding more Flowers to the site? ✿

We hide all the prizes before the giveaway starts. They are hidden on EVERY page. You saw the list of prizes that we have for you – any of them could be hidden at any time. Just because you don’t find a winning Flower in the morning, doesn’t mean you won’t find one later on that same day. The name of the game is patience. The best place to keep track of what we are giving away and when is on our Facebook page. Be sure to LIKE our posts on Facebook if you want more prizes to be hidden. We also announce special times to look for Flowers when there will be better odds! There are always Flowers (aka: prizes) hidden. We have the site fully stocked.

Here’s a helpful picture that explains how to make sure you don’t miss any of our Facebook posts:

✿ Do the Flowers load instantly? Can I stay on one post and just refresh? ✿

The Flowers load almost instantly, you simply need to look around for them. Looking around the page will give you time to read each post before clicking on it.

✿ What if I click on a Flower and the form doesn’t load? What if I want another prize? ✿

If you believe you have encountered a technical error, please:
A) Take a screenshot or a photo of your screen
B) Send an email to
C) You will need to provide me with :
– the day you think you won
– your IP address. Click Here for a link to find your IP if you need it.
– the Country you are hunting on

Each winning Flower is linked to one gift card only and has no redeemable cash value. Since we will be giving away thousands of prizes, we cannot accommodate requests to change prizes.

✿ How many times can I win? Who’s eligible to enter? ✿

1 Gift Card and 1 Major prize can be claimed per household per calendar day. Your calendar day, not mine. Any US or Canadian resident 16 or older is eligible for this contest. We reserve the right to block any users who use bugs, bots, viruses or any other unauthorized intervention to undermine the fairness of the promotion.

✿ Should I use a certain browser? Is this contest available on your mobile site? ✿

Any browser will work just fine – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc. Our contest is mobile friendly.

✿ The “Every Woman Giveaway” ends on May 11, 2014 at 11:59 pm GMT. ✿

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