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Where Are The Winners?

Are you confused by where the winners are? acts as a search engine to find the best competitions, vouchers and freebies for our users, from trusted websites and companies. Please note that not all the competitions you see on our site are by What we do is research on your behalf. You must follow the links to enter the competitions, and from that point on, the companies eg. Cosmopolitan magazine will announce the winner. Also, please bear in mind, these competitions are opened to all of Canada (and sometimes other countries) and there may be only 1 or 2 prizes up for grabs, so you may not always win.

Some competitions are run by us here at WomenFreebies, for instance Shoesday. Those are brand new competitions and the winners will be announced by us on Facebook after the expiry date (which is always posted in the Terms and Conditions).

Remember that you should never give out your banking info for a free sample, even if it’s just for a postage and packing fee. If it’s a real freebie, a company should almost never need your credit card or account details.

Here’s a link to our FAQ page in case you are interested in finding out more.

Best of luck!