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DIY Cards Your Friends Won’t Believe You Made!

I love making and receiving handmade cards. I loved finding ideas online and expanding on them or mixing the technique from one idea with the look of another. Whatever gets the creative juices flowing! Here are some ideas for cards that are simple to make and have a very professional look.


Although this printed message looks nice, don’t be afraid to write something by hand the old-fashioned way. Don’t be your own worst critic, it is the thought that counts after all.



No matter the occasion, you can create your own stencil out of just about anything. Kids love splattering paint and will get a kick out of using a tooth brush for something fun.



The uses for Washi tape are endless. I am always looking for ways to use mine up. I love the simplicity of this idea. A few strands of tape, an embellishment, and a little handwriting go a long way.



The tutorial for this card makes the cupcake far less intimidating to make. I adore the heart-shape for a cherry on top!



If you have a heart punch this card can be made in no time. Stars work well to congratulate someone with “superstar” written across the bottom. I like to use stickers, stamps, or my own handwriting.



I am really looking forward to using this technique. It looks simple enough and the finished product is beautiful. I would like to make gift tags with this technique as well.



These are the most adorable trees I have seen in a very long time. I think they’d look pretty cute made with buttons and string as well.



I love keeping scraps to use in projects like this. I never know when odds and ends will come in handy so I keep them and use them up where I can.



I love this idea but don’t know that I will always have the time or patience for it. A circular piece of paper or button will do just fine if you want to make a lollipop card. 🙂


I saved the best for last! This dress made out of a doily is to die for! A great idea for a bridal shower, sweet young niece, or your favorite fashionista.