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Top Tips: How to Redecorate Your Bedroom

A new season is on its way, and that means it’s time for cleaning, trashing or giving away what you don’t need, and adding fresh decor. It’s amazing what a little cleanup can do to help you de-clutter not only your living space but your mind as well. Are you ready to get started on your bedroom makeover?

Choose Your Colour Scheme

Do you want a new paint colour, but aren’t sure what it will look like on your walls? Check out this virtual room painter tool from Dulux! All you need to do is pick a room that looks similar to yours and test out different colours!

A good rule of thumb to remember is to pick 3 colours per room. One of my favourite colour combinations: grey or beige (neutrals), turquoise (accent), and white (makes all the other colours “pop”).

dulux bedroom

Shop for Bed Linen & Curtains to Match

This doesn’t have to mean you go out and spend loads of $$$. Most duvets nowadays are reversible, so you can start out with a brand new look by flipping yours over. Adding throw pillows and blankets can further change the colours of your bedding, as shown in the picture above. If you’re set on getting something completely different, visit your local vintage shop to pick something used that’s more affordable.

Do you have a lot of spare time? Use a bed sheet set to make your own brand new duvet cover! Check out this tutorial:

Matching curtains are always a plus, but having window coverings is as simple as buying a yard of tulle and draping it over an ornate curtain rod. This style is called a “window scarf,” and it’s especially elegant.

Accessorize Your Space

Like any stylish outfit, you need to outfit your room with the right accessories. Think classic and comforting, not cluttered. I’m a big fan of muted colours with a few artistic and unexpected pieces, such as jeweled night-stand lamps. Check this one out from Debenhams!

Although showcase bedrooms have a lot of pillows on the beds, those fancy throw pillows are usually very expensive. It can be super easy to make your own! All you’ll need is fabric, needle & thread, and stuffing for the cushion (found at your local fabric or craft store).

A word about the Pinterest-perfect home we’d all love: it doesn’t exist in real homes. Embrace the familiarity of your messy, imperfect living space 🙂

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