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Keep Money in the Bank by Saving Energy

Depending on where you live and how your energy costs are calculated, you may be able to reap huge savings by employing a few tips and tricks to help Keep Money in the Bank by Saving Energy. Little things can add up and putting in a little effort here and there can go a long way to putting money back where we like it most: in the bank.
It goes without saying that buying appliances with high energy efficiency ratings will reduce your energy bill. Use your appliances as efficiently as possible and have them serviced. Do research and find out what you can do to get the most out of your appliances.
Forgive me for bringing it up but with the cooler weather around the corner it’t time to start thinking about ways to save energy with the biggest consumer of energy: heat. Maintaining your heating system is a great place to start. Like a car or bicycle, a tune up will keep your system in top shape and reduce potential heat losses. Close off spaces that don’t require heat and prevent cold air from entering your home. Wear layers and pile on the blankets to keep the thermostat at the lowest comfortable setting.
Those of us with fireplaces should make sure we’re not using them while the heat is on. And close the damper to keep the warm air in when the fireplace is not being used. If you don’t use your fireplace then seal it off entirely.
Avoid using your oven and clothes dryer in the summer, and run your dishwasher at night or early morning when it’s cooler on hot days. This will keep your home cool and avoid using your air conditioning more than necessary. Use your outdoor grill in the summer and hang the laundry on the line to dry.
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Use window coverings that will insulate and open them when you want to let the outside air warm or cool your space. Let natural light in before flicking the light switch. Open windows to let cool or warm air in when appropriate and give your furnace or air conditioning a break.
Use a power strip for devices such as computers and televisions and turn the power strip off when you are not using them. These devices still use power when they are turned off. Turn off all your devices when you are not using them instead of leaving them on when you leave the room.
Stay tuned for more ideas to help you save money from Women Freebies! In the meantime, check out these other great articles for more tips and tricks. What will you do with all the money you save?

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