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10 Easy Ways to Start Saving Today

Are you ready to start saving up for your dream holiday? Or want to get rid of that pesky debt once and for all? Here’s a list of places to start on your savings journey that are easy as pie. Every great accomplishment is worth the sacrifice required to reach our goals so get started today!


  1. The best place to start saving is where we keep our money: at the bank. Move banks, or change accounts to take advantage of perks and earn more interest. Some banks even have incentives of Free Cash when you join, like the Refer A Friend incentive at Tangerine.

  3. What kind of perks are you getting with your credit card? I like getting Free Groceries with my PC Financial MasterCard. Shop around and find out which card would have the perks that work best for you. Don’t hesitate to call and negotiate your rate and keep your limit low. And pay off your card EVERY MONTH! If you can’t do this last thing, then get rid of your credit card!

  5. Get rid of services you don’t use, especially those you don’t need. With so much available on the internet, there really is no need for a cable service at our home so I cancelled it. Everyone has a cell phone these days, so get rid of your home phone if it’s of no use to you. How much internet do you actually use at home? If you’re not streaming or surfing much, rely on your data plan on your phone. There are subscriptions that may be worth the extra few bucks but if you’re trying to save that is a great place to start. Use free streaming instead of paying a membership and you’ll see how those small savings can add up over a year!

  7. Do you still have your old textbooks laying around? See if you can get cash for items you no longer use by posting them on Kijiji or a Facebook page for your community. Find out where people are getting rid of items and sign up! You could also host a garage sale for a fun afternoon of wheeling and dealing!

  9. Get rewards. Sign up for rewards programs everywhere you shop. If you can manage to only buy items on sale, that you NEED, then these programs will work in your favour.

  11. Practice the 30 Day Rule. Delay instant gratification and really think about each purchase you make. Waiting 30 days will allow you to assess whether you really need an item, or whether it is worth the splurge.

  13. Write lists. Be mindful of great deals for items you don’t actually need. Shopping with a list helps me avoid these traps! I tend to write lists of things I need around the house and wait until I see them on sale before I buy them.

  15. Compare prices. There are a few grocery stores in my area and I have noticed that some items vary in price. I buy what I need where it is least expensive and write my lists accordingly. Time is as valuable as money so I don’t spend the day driving all over the place for better prices but I do get what I need at different shops when I am there. It’s all about balance!

  17. Make your meals. Bring a lunch to work. I save time by making my lunch for the following day while I am making dinner. Bring snacks. Don’t risk getting hangry when you’re out and picking up some junk that will cost money and leave you with shame and regret. Invite friends over instead of going out for dinner. Host a potluck if you don’t feel like making a big meal. I like to make big batches of food and freeze portions for lazy days or when I’m just too tired to cook. We have turned Fridays into Pizza Night at our house but we make our own dough and have fun trying different toppings each week.

  19. Watch your energy bill. This is by far my most ridiculously high bill. I turn off lights, unplug appliances, use energy-saving light bulbs and will replace all my appliances with energy-saving appliances when it’s time to replace them. I close curtains when I am out during the day to keep the sunlight out and use the bare minimum air conditioning and heat. Bundle up if you’re coming over this winter because I am not turning the heat up! We also use BBQ to keep the house cool during the summer. You might be surprised what you can make in there!

There are many more ways we can all save a few more bucks so stay tuned for more on this topic. Not everything works for everybody but find out what works for you and feel good knowing you are making a different, one nickel at a time. Good luck!