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Everything You Need To Know About The Election

With the upcoming federal election on the horizon, you may have been wondering how your beliefs align with each political party? On Monday October 19th, make an informed decision with the help of WomenFreebies and vote for the candidate that is most in line with your own views on the economy, the environment, immigration and other important political issues facing our fair Nation today.

If you’re still on the fence about voting in this year’s upcoming election, here are five reasons you must vote on Monday October 19th!

1. Because you have a say in the political process
2. Your vote influences the direction of our country
3. It will only take a few minutes
4. Your vote is important
5. It’s your right as a Canadian citizen!

First begin by making sure you’re registered to vote at your current place of residence. Learn more about how to register, where and when to vote & more about local elections candidates at Ready To Vote.

But where do you stand? Thankfully there are dozens of websites, articles & blogs to help inform your decision this upcoming election. Check out the Vote Compass Quiz hosted by the CBC to see where you stand on hot issues between the four main parties. This is a great way to get a better idea about social, political & economic issues of this election and to what degree you align with each party.

For a more in-depth analysis of each parties’ platforms– from taxes and terrorism to the environment, take a look at The National Post‘s guide to the four main parties’ records and pledges this campaign.

Voting is contagious– if you tell your friends and family that you’re voting, they will be more likely to vote too! Join the conversation and create an “I Will Vote” profile picture to let everyone know that you will be voting this Monday October 19th.

Are you ready to have your say about the future of Canada’s political landscape? No matter where you stand, pledge to vote with CBC and spread the word!