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Reporter’s Holiday Dip Makes Co-Hosts “Choke” On Air

We all know that one person who just can’t get it right in the kitchen especially when they attempt to freestyle a recipe.

For the team at Global TV Calgary, it is traffic reporter and anchor, Leslie Horton.

The Co-hosts have been sharing their favourite Christmas treats and dishes all week without a hitch but when it came down to Horton’s artichoke dip, things did not go well at all. Horton herself admitted that the recipe “did not work out” but proceeded to share some of the dip with her colleagues, who pointed out that it smelled like vinegar and “a barn.”

In true Canadian fashion, Meteorologist Jordan Witzel, tried to politely convince every one that “it’s not that bad” after another host wonders if the dip is edible but he couldn’t even bring himself to swallow it. Priceless!

Horton finally admits that she didn’t add any vinegar but she used an orange in place of a lemon the recipe called for. She also confessed that she didn’t know what spices to use so she added celery salt and oregano to the mix.

If Leslie Horton’s improvisation has taught as anything, it is that there is absolutely no shame in picking up a box of fruitcake from the grocery store for your next office holiday potluck because some of us don’t have the best cooking skills. Oh, and also always read the label!

Watch the Co-hosts react as they try the dip that “burns” in the hilarious video below

In case you were wondering why Horton’s dip tasted so awful, she later tweeted that it’s because she used marinated artichokes instead.