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Sleepy Animals That Win the Internet

Although animals are generally pretty adorable, everybody is extra adorable when they’re sleeping. Here is a random selection of extra adorables catching their zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.


Bengal Kittens are increasing in popularity and it’s no wonder with their adorable markings and rambunctious behaviour. Whether you’re a cat person or not, you can’t deny how adorable they are when they are sleeping.



Monkeys can be full of mischief but it’s hard to deny how sweet they are when they close their eyes for a little nap.



Polar Bears are so majestic and this cub couldn’t be more adorable. Looks like it fell asleep in the middle of playing.sleeping-polar-bear


The Sloth is known for its laziness, but they are just slow-moving. Nothing wrong with taking your time if you ask me.



Like all cats, Bobcats are pretty cute when they are resting. Just look at that posture!



The Koala is not a bear despite the popular term “koala bear”. They sleep up to 20 hours each day to conserve energy so it’s no wonder there are so many photos of them sleeping on the internet.



I am not sure why I thought Kangaroos always slept standing up but this cutie and I are pretty much twinning when it comes to hitting the hay.



If you’ve never seen a Fox in person, they don’t look as sly as their reputation dictates. They’re actually pretty sweet little things.



I can relate to this Panda, can you? Looks like it was a rough night. Lol.



Squirrels can be such a nuiscance but they sure are adorable if you ask me. You either love them or hate them but it’s hard to dislike this sleeping cutie.



All this talk about snoozing is making me sleepy!