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The Rise Of The 9-5— School In The New Work-Economy

Parenthood is a reality in today’s work economy— so why are we still holding onto old methods of child care? A new report from the Centre for American Progress has found that misaligned school and work schedules cost the U.S. economy roughly $55 billion in lost productivity every year.

In many ways, schools have not updated their policies to adapt to the changing world and workplaces have not given flexibility in their schedules to allow for parents to strike a proper balance between work and life. Many working parents use their paid vacation days to cover school closings or are forced to find an alternative form of care that can be costly to pay out of pocket.

The report also suggests that schools can stay open longer for after-school programs or perhaps put a pilot program in place on a national level in an effort to focus on family-centered learning built around a 9-5 schedule. Would you benefit from a family-oriented work and school schedule? What about schools in districts where funding and after-school programming might be a disparity?

Source: American Progress