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Twisted Crown Braid Tutorial

Whether you’re short on time or looking for a quick & low-maintenance hairstyle for everyday– meet your match with a Twisted Crown Braid! Not only are they super easy to do but they look sophisticated and sweet for just about any length of hair. Grab some bobby pins, some elastic bands & let’s get started!

1. Take a triangle section of hair near your part, divide it in two sections.
2. Add a new section of hair to the front piece, repeat with back piece.
3. Twist the sections together with the front piece going over the back piece.
4. Once you reach the back of your head, stop adding new sections but keep twisting ’til you reach the end.
5. Tie it off with an elastic, repeat on other side.
7. Take one of the twists and push your thumb & index finger through the gap then pull the other twist through.
8. Secure with bobby pins and take out elastics, then tousle to complete the look.

Check out all the action live below with Abby on Twist Me Pretty!