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Who doesn’t love Julia Roberts? If you’re anything like me, you watch Pretty Woman just about any time you need a good laugh or a good cry. Check out her top 10 best movies in the video above, do you agree with them?

#1: We know what we want for the next Christmas
When we are gifted wool by our parents and grandparents wool for Christmas, nothing can be more disappointing than that but if the same wool was to be given by Roberts, how much more special it would become. Considering the fact that Roberts loves to knit, it really is a possibility.

#2: The Woodwind Instrument Player
She has history of playing the clarinet and oboe in her school days. As per her she was the only oboist in her class.

#3: Biology isn’t her cup of tea
She knows it really well that the subject Biology doesn’t contain only bout ways of loving a pet. Her aim to be a vet was off the table as soon as Julia realized the amount of hard work was going to be required to study biology.

#4: The right decision
All of us admired Sharon Stone’s iconic role in the film Basic Instinct but the thought of our beloved Roberts doing that role can’t be so good. Well I guess she knew what was in the hearts of her fans and declined the role when it was initially offered to her.

#5: Cupid’s arrow
Jason Patric, Liam Neeson , Matthew Perry and Benjamin Bratt, the only thing they have in common is that they have been loved by Roberts at some or the other point of time in their lives. However the man who finally she decided to love for the rest of her life is Dylan McDermott.

Source: WhatThaFact